“I see it more as a family now than just an organization.”

It’s not everyday you find a company you would enjoy working for and value at the same time. When I started at TKL, I was just thankful I had a job. As time passed, this simple appreciation slowly turned into happiness; that certain contentment you feel as you settle in a comfortable space. The friendships being built and the conflicts I learned from all became a part of my every day working life, and has become a part of me as well.

There was a time when my husband, who had Chronic Kidney Failure and was a Dialysis patient, was hospitalized due to kidney bleeding caused by a ruptured cyst. The hospitalization didn’t just mean treating the bleeding but continued dialysis treatment as well. TKL (through Ma’am Helen Tan) extended a significant helping hand throughout this ordeal. They offered help even without me asking when they saw the difficulties and financial burden I had. Few people would come running to your aid in times of trouble, and even fewer would extend help without being asked. During those hard times I’ve experienced, first-hand, the true heart and compassion of the company and its management. They will be there to help no matter what, I will always be grateful and thankful.



I have learned so many things that helped me develop skills and capabilities I never knew I possessed. Every challenge helped me hone those skills and taught me how to be responsible. The camaraderie my fellow employees and I have brings us closer, and teaches us respect and understanding. But if there’s one important thing I have learned through all my years of stay in TKL, it’s humility beyond success. The idea of keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, despite all the success & praise that you receive. The importance of treating your fellow employees as equals, regardless of their station, or rank.

I’m thankful I became a part of this company. I see it more as a family now than just an organization.