“They make no delays and all the products needed are delivered well.”

In 1995 I started my business with at least a capital of ₱50,000.00. I chose the construction materials line of business, for me it was a promising one because it is everybody’s dream to have a secure and comfortable house to call a home. Then I thought, How could I expand with this small capital? TKL became my first supplier in Steel Bars. They trusted me and gave me a chance to explore in the business world and prove my worth.

For products, quality is my first priority. A strong foundation is needed to last for a lifetime. I found out from end product users that they are satisfied with my products as well as the price I offer. Only TKL products have passed the 100% no violation from DTI and have given 100% satisfaction to my customers. Since then, TKL has become my partner in building homes and fulfilling dreams.

They are just one call or text away. They make no delays and all the products needed are delivered well. All products are properly handled to meet the customers’ satisfaction.

TKL is my one stop shop. All the staff are well trained. They know their products very well, and are happy and willing to serve all customers. Trust them first and once the trust is mutual, they extend credit where sky is the limit and you will go beyond your limit in success.