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All About Wide Flange

by TKL Steel May 5, 2021

A wide flange is a structural material known for its ability to withstand bending, despite heavy load application making it ideal for constructing homes, bridges, highway ramps, and overpasses.

Wide flange resembles the shape of a letter I, formed by its two parts: the web and the flanges. Flanges are the steel beams that are parallel to one another, while the web adjoins two flanges.

Blog About Wide Flange parts of a wide flange


Wide Flange vs. I-Beam

 An I-beam is a lighter material that has a narrower flange compared to the wide flange. While the wide flange is a heavier material that has a wider flange and beam which can carry more weight. The wide flange has no curve inside the flange. The wide flange’s cross section is optimized for distribution, yielding a higher strength-to-weight ratio. It has better mechanical characteristics per unit weight which can help the users save money and time. All these benefits make wide flange a widely used material in building structures.

wide flange vs I-beam
Uses of wide flange

Wide flange is commonly utilized as a standard material for building columns in commercial and residential buildings. Here are some of its common uses:

  • Structural support for bridges and overpasses
  • Standard columns in homes and commercial buildings
  • Beam and lagging
  • Bracing system

uses of wide flange


Benefits of using a wide flange
Wide flange is widely used in the construction industry due to the following benefits:

      1. Weight support
        Using wide flange in construction has become beneficial as it is ideal to carry heavy loads over a wide area. It can support a larger or wider structure with less risk of damage, which makes it more efficient and ideal to support a larger load.



    1. Standard Sizing
      Wide flanges have a standard specification in any country that allows builders to easily determine what sizes are required in planning and construction. Choosing the right size of wide flange for a project will make the construction time faster and less likely to be delayed due to the sizing issues.



There are different sizes available for Wide Flange in 6 and 12 meters length. The size is measured based on the depth of the web, width is measured based on the length of the flange, and the weight is determined by pounds per foot.

The illustration below shows an easier way to measure the size of a wide flange. For example, if there is a requirement of a wide flange 8×4 13#, the depth of the section is 8 inches while the width of the flange is 4 inches, and its weight is 13 pounds per foot.

For more information regarding the sizes that we offer, please feel free to call our sales team at 8588 1155 to 99 or 0917-856-4233.

wide flange 8x4 TKL Steel wide flange


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