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All About Channel Bar

by TKL Steel Corp. January 23, 2023

Channel bars, also known as heavy duty purlins, are easily identified as a long rolled bar forming a hard U-shape with flanges providing right angles on both sides. Its smaller variation is more typically utilized for vehicle frame support while larger channel bars are utilized for  building and bridge decks to absorb flex and rigid force that might damage the structure .

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Channel Bars - TKL Steel Corp

Uses of Channel bars

Channel bars have various uses in construction.

  1. Build walls

Channel bar is used to construct walls for garages, warehouses, workshops, and buildings.

2.Frame support

Channel bar is used to secure window and door frames , stringers and joists.


Channel bar is also used as railings, bridge trusses, and guard rails.

4.Rafters for lightweight roof

Channel bar is also utilized to support the weight of the roof deck.

Uses of Channel Bars TKL Steel Corp

Benefits of using Channel bars

Channel bars provide the following benefits.

  1.  Long-lasting

Channel bars are utilized in large structures with heavy loads as they are long lasting and capable to withstand extreme environmental factors.

2. Versatile

Channel bars can be used as girts, studs, braces, joists, or other structural components as it can provide additional strength in the structure.


Channel bars are flexible as they can be bent without breaking which makes it ideal for its intended purpose in construction.

Benefits of Channel Bars - TKL Steel Corp

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