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All About Z Bars

by TKL Steel July 10, 2023

Z-bar is commonly used for steel window framing, and stiffeners. It is used in interior and exterior applications such as window frames, fences, and garage doors.

TKL Steel offers Z-Bar in ¾ and ⅞ inches with various thickness options in 6 meters length. If you have other size requirements, feel free to message our sales associates for assistance.

Size: (inches): 3/4, 7/8

Length (m):6

Advantage of using Z-bar

Z Bars are commonly used in various construction projects due to following benefits:

  1. Durability

    Z-shaped cross-sections give exceptional structural stability and resistance to bending or twisting forces. This qualifies them for applications requiring a strong framework.

  2. Versatility

    Z-bar comes in various sizes making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It may be fabricated according to the unique demands and requirements of a project.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal

    Z bars are added in the structures of various projects to add an aesthetic appeal to the overall look.

Uses of Z Bar

Z Bar has a variety of applications.

  1. Steel window framing

    The Z-bar shape is made up of two horizontal flanges joined by a vertical component. This arrangement forms a “Z.” The horizontal flanges of the Z-bar frame are often fastened to the surrounding structure, such as the walls or structural components, while the vertical component supports the window itself.

  2. Wall cladding

    Z bars are utilized to mount wall cladding materials and other facade materials, as it provides support, and gives a clean and professional look.

  3. Industrial application

    Z bars are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications, including conveyor systems, machine frames, and material handling equipment. Z bars are excellent for various applications due to their strength and longevity.


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