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All About Sheet Pile

by TKL Steel May 17, 2023

Sheet pile is a type of material that can create a barrier to retain either soil or water. They are usually stacked together through its vertical interlocking system to create a continuous wall, forming a barrier for maintaining walls, land reclamation, seawall creation, and riverbank protections.

TKL offers u-type sheet piles in Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4. The main difference is in the sizes of these variants. Kindly refer to the table below for the actual size specifications that TKL offers.

TKL Steel Sheet pile specification

Uses of Sheet pile

Sheet piles have a wide variety of uses, sharing some of the common uses below.

  1. Excavation and support

Sheet piles are utilized to give support and permanent walls in construction that is why it is commonly used as excavation support and material for soil retention.

2. Support and protection of river banks

Sheet piles are often used to support and protect riverbanks and to protect communities near the river from flood, as it has the ability to retain water.

3. Ports and harbors

Sheet pile is a proven and reliable material to construct quay walls immediately and efficiently.

4. Pumping stations

Sheet pile is used as a temporary support for the construction of pumping stations as it can be easily designed as a permanent structure within the limited time and budget.

5. Bridge abutments

A bridge abutment is a structure that connects a bridge deck to the ground at the end of a bridge span, helping to support its weight both horizontally and vertically. Utilizing sheet pile in abutments is cost-effective when a piled foundation needs support or where the construction lead time is critical.

6. Road widening retaining walls

During road widening, sheet pile minimizes the need for soil excavation and disposal, making it an ideal material during road widening construction.

7. Basement

Sheet pile is a preferred material for constructing basements as it needs minimal construction time and cost. Utilizing sheet piles in basement walls minimizes space as the walls are already installed during the soil excavation, adjacent buildings are constantly supported, and it prevents potential sinking.

8. Underground car parks

Sheet piles are the ideal material in underground car parks as they provide vertical load bearing capacity. It can be piled tight against the boundaries of the site, and the wall itself has a minimum thickness, thus maximizing the area available for cars and minimizing cost per field.

TKL Sheet Pile

Advantages of using sheet pile

Sheet piles are easy to handle and install in the construction site. It is proven to last longer as it provides maximum strength and durability. It is also available in various types that suit any construction requirements. Lastly, it is recyclable as it can be used for various temporary works and permanent structures.

advantage of using sheet pile

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