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How To Find The Right Steel Supplier

by TKL Steel September 8, 2021

Finding the right steel supplier for your business or construction projects is very important as you will be working with them closely. If your supplier does not meet your standards, you may encounter problems like challenges in meeting your client’s expectations or delays in your construction projects.

Every individual has their own sets of criteria in finding the right steel supplier. The factors that may affect the criteria will depend on how they will use the items, whether it be for resale, construction projects, or fabrication of objects. Sharing here some of the important attributes in choosing the right steel supplier:

 Quality Products
Product quality is vital as this will ensure the sturdiness and integrity of the structures being built. Quality can be validated based on the actual measurements of the items. It would also be best to ask for a mill certificate, a document issued by the manufacturer to attest to the quality and specifications of the items.

Competitive Prices
Another important criteria to consider is the prices of the items. It is common for users to have a working budget for their project and for distributors to look for affordable items for reselling. Selecting a supplier with competitive prices will definitely save you a lot of time canvassing your requirements with different suppliers.

Delivery Service
Fast and timely delivery is very important to ensure that you will be able to serve the requirements of your customer based on their timeline which in turn would help them construct their projects on time. It would also be a plus if the truck of your supplier has boom equipment as it will hasten the unloading of items in the delivery site.

Good customer service
Convenience and good customer service is very vital as it will give you a peace of mind and hassle free transaction from product inquiry to delivery. Having a knowledgeable sales team is also a plus, as they would help you choose the right products for your requirement.

Direct importer
The supplier should be a direct importer so you can be assured that their prices are competitive. This is because they directly buy from the manufacturer, removing the added expense brought by middle men. They also collaborate directly with the manufacturers to ensure that their items are within the standard measurements.

Visit the warehouse to check their stocks
Aside from checking if there are available stocks, looking at the warehouse of the supplier also shows the credibility of the supplier. Visiting their warehouse prior to awarding a project can give you the assurance that the seller is legitimate. You will also be able to verify if they have ample stocks to support your requirement and see the actual items to check the quality.

By identifying and ranking the criteria most important to you, it will help you determine the best steel supplier to serve your requirements. All the criteria cited are very important and it would be ideal if your supplier meets all the six (6) criteria to give you a smooth and seamless transaction.

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